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You may be a candidate for the procedure if you:

1. Have leg pain, numbness, tingling made worse by sitting or bending or arching your back.

2. Are not any better after 4 - 6 weeks of conservative treatment including rest and physical therapy.

3. Are not better after epidural blocks & Injections. Have an MRI, CT scan, CT myelogram, or discogram showing a disc herniation.

You will be discharged next day morning after endoscopic surgery

If you have endoscopic spine surgery you will be allowed to walk at the same day evening of surgery. If you are candidate of microscopic spine surgery you will be allowed next day morning to walk independently.

Mostly patient has knee joint ligament injury having pain, unstable or insecurity at knee during walking is the candidate for Arthroscopic Knee Surgery. Besides this any pathology inside knee can encounter by this procedure.

You can able to walk from next day morning of surgery.

For light work you can start just one week after surgery. For work need walking or long standing, need 6 weeks from surgery. For sports or running have to wait for 6 months of surgery.